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Make your mobile applications known in the industry and turn them into a profitable investment. Partner with DOD Media Group in San Francisco, CA for effective and appropriate marketing and distribution strategies. Depending on the type of mobile gaming and application you create, we can help optimize the monetization of your investment. Make us your preferred partner and experience the difference of having seasoned industry professionals on your side.



To help our partners grow their business through execution, strategy, and intelligence.

improve your Apps UX/UI/Monetization, get them published and achieve maximum distribution

Let us manage your distribution strategy and make your launch a success!

You’ve made something great, but how do you get it polished and public-ready? How do you handle a soft launch for bug testing so it gets across the finish line successfully? That’s where DOD comes in. We help developers get their applications published and promoted on the app stores. We go to Apple and Google and make sure your creation hits the market with a bang!

what dod can do for you:

Why DOD?

DOD Media Group has the most robust base of knowledge and set of relationships in the industry.
We’ve been working with various companies and platform providers for over 17 years, and can help you scale your business to new heights.

DOD Media Group Experience

These are just some of the mobile applications that we have been a part of:

How It Works


As a developer, your specialty is creating great applications. Getting those applications out to the world can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process for someone not familiar with the process. Spend your time doing what you love – creating great apps! Let us handle the nitty gritty details of getting those apps found. While we work on getting your creation published, you can get started on developing your next great idea.

Platforms We Support:



You know how to create amazing mobile apps and games. We know how to get those apps published, successfully launched, and most importantly – found! Send us a note via the form below to learn more about how we can optimize, monetize and distribute your applications, so you can focus on creating more.

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